Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Random Post! :D

I haven't blogged in a while! Man... I think its been a little over a week! Sorry guys, I've been really busy and caught up in so many things that I haven't found time for blogging... But I'm here now!! Yayy! XDD

So since it's now summer (YESS!!!) I have found time to do a lot more! Right now I'm with my family and a friend at our river house!! It's on a nice Florida river! :D We've had it for a couple of years. It's so much fun!!

I a few hours ago I went fishing with my mom and dad. My friend and my sister didn't want to go, so they stayed behind and caught crabs. There were SO many crabs! But they released them before I could take a picture of them.. darn... XDD

But I caught a fish! Well three fish to be exact! I caught the most out of my mom, dad, and me! My dad caught two and my mom caught one. I am the ULTIMATE FISHERMAN... I mean FISHERWOMAN!! YAAAA!! LOL XDDD
           Here's a picture of the first fish I caught... it's a small Sea Bass I think..
                                   Haha, I don't look so good.. XD
    I wear my SW hat EVERYWHERE now! I shields me from heat... but you probably knew that already.. XD

We didn't get to eat any of the fish... too small... :( Too bad, I really like fresh fish!

Ok, so right now (as I'm typing) my sister and my friend are having a water balloon fight in the house. *shakes head with disapproval* Oh, there goes the window.. XD Yeah they "accidentally" got me wet! Yeah my laptop still a little wet... Oh well kids will be kids.. even when they're my age! LOL :D

Ooooh! I finished The Horse and His Boy finally!! I love Narnia!! It's SO addictive! Every time I read it, it feels like I've also fallen into the world of Narnia! If you haven't read these books, I HIGHLY recommend them! Good books with good messages. Those are the best kinds of books! :D

 Oh today is the day Jedi~Chick went to SWW! I hope she had fun! I know I did! :D
Jedi~Chick, I can't wait to read your blog post and see some pictures of you and Ashley!! I bet you had SOO much fun! :)

 As you can see my what I'm writing is pretty random and most of it isn't related. I'm just thinking of what to say next. (I'm not very organized when it comes to blogs. LOL XD)

Oh, I went to Disney on Thursday! Magic Kingdom!! Woohoo! My mom, me, and my sister went. We rode Space Mountain 3 times! I haven't been there since they redid it and it looks amazing! There are actually two coasters- Alpha and Omega- now! We rode Alpha twice and Omega once. They're basically the same thing only in different directions. Oh and the third time we rode SM, my mom decided not to go on it so she rode the Peoplemover. And guess what? She got stuck on it right when it's at the part where you see Space Mountain. We saw the lights turned over in that direction when were on the coaster, and who do we see? My mom fixing her hair! LOL XD She was stuck on there for 10 or 15 minutes! And they say that ride never stops... LOL

 Splash Mountain was closed for technical difficulties for a while, but later we got on it. And the logs got clogged up on the Slippin' Falls part. There were like five logs lined up close together and my mom, sister, and me were one of them. But then it all worked itself out. But it still seemed that we were REALLY close to the logs around us. But it wasn't anything to worry about. I'm still ALIVE! :DD

Ok I'm gonna show some of my recent artwork, that most of you may have seen:

   I drew Ashley Eckstein!! It's from the picture of me and her, but I cut myself out of the picture! I've tried to draw her before, but FAILED. But I think this time it looks pretty good! It's on deviantART and the TLH!

   This is Mae-ayah Skanta, a character I made up. She's a teen Togrutan Padawan learner (sounds like someone else, doesn't it? ;P) I'm gonna write a story about her later and post it! Oh and I need help for the name of her master... It's a male green Twi'lek. Any suggestions?

 Ok, so that's my SUPER random post!! TTYL!!!

-Rachel (Queen Karina) {siggy in progress}

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  1. Great pictures!!! I love the one of Ashley!

    I'm so excited you're reading the Narnia books, they are so good (you already know that, I'm just saying it anyways ;) )


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