Saturday, June 18, 2011

The BEACH!!!

 Hey guys!! Sorry I've been MIA lately.  I have been busy with summer and taking little vacations lately! 

Thursday my family and I headed off to St. Augustine beach to meet up with some friends who rent condos up there! As you probably can tell by my blog theme, I LOVE the beach!! It's one of my FAVORITE places to be!  I love the boogie boarding, finding sea shells, wading through the water, and getting a tan. ;) And my sister and I are currently obsessed with the game of frisbee right now, so we enjoyed playing frisbee down there!

 The only bad thing is, there was A LOT of drama (none caused by me or my sister, of course). This whole family goes to the beach every year there are three different immediate families, but they are all cousins. There are three cousins that are my age, and all the same age, that tend to cause drama endlessly. One of them, we need to pray for because she doesn't have a very good family life because her father slaps her and he drops her off at her cousin's house when he doesn't want her around. He even offers to pay them to take her, just to get her off his hands. Since her family life is bad, she tends to lean on what's popular instead of what's right, and tends to start drama. 

 Besides the drama, the beach was super fun! We went shark tooth hunting (didn't find anything), but while we were there, my friend and I found this seahorse swimming in a pool of water at the beach. My sister picked it up. It wasn't like the seahorse you're thinking of. It's was long like a snake. 
It looked a lot like this!
        I didn't get a picture of it, but that's what it looked like.

  Tomorrow I am off to church camp! It's a super fun campsite with three lakes and nice cabins! So I will be gone for this whole week up until Friday! So, I'll miss you guys!! 

Love <333,


  1. Sounds like fun! We went to St. Augustine last summer, it's a neat place! We got really lucky and ended up with a hotel right on the beach. I'm sorry about your cousins, I'll be praying for them.

    Have fun at camp! I'll miss you!!!

    <3 Duchess Satine Kenobi

  2. Aww! I'm sorry about your cousins. Drama is never fun. glad you had a good vacation though!

  3. I love the beach! Glad you had fun!

  4. Sounds like tons of fun!!!! :) I'll be praying for your cousins. That's really cool you guys found a seahorse! :) I always go shark-tooth hunting, but NEVER find anything. :P Bummer. I love the beach too, and sounds like you had a blast!!!! Have fun at church camp! :)

  5. That sounds fun!! I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Hope you have fun at church camp.

  6. I gave you award today on my blog, Queen Karina!!


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