Saturday, June 4, 2011

Team Obi-Wan and Pirates!

Hey guys!! So what's been going on?

I'm REALLY happy right now because I finally got my friend Ashley to join TLF!! She's Team Obi-Wan and she's pretty excited to join! I had been bugging her for a while about joining, but she was a little skeptical about it. But I finally convinced her and I made her avatar!! :D And if you remember Ashley, she was the person who got me into SW, and has been my best friend for like ever since 6th grade. We always have TCW Season Premiere parties and stuff and it's so much fun when you have friends who also share your passion for SW! So, she may be posting every so often. But, I'm stil SUPER excited she joined!! :DDD

Ok, so on Wednesday I saw Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides!! It was the first Pirates movie I had ever seen! I saw it with Ashley and a few other of my friends.It was REALLY good! Now I need to watch all the other Pirates movies! I really liked the spazziness (I wish this was a real word! XD) of Jack Sparrow!! He was SO funny and I couldn't stop laughing. In a weird way, he reminded me of my little 12-year-old sister. My sister is really spazzy and tries to make everything funny like Jack Sparrow and she likes food! XDDD

Well, today my family and I are going to Orlando to shop (SHOPPING!!!)! And then later in the day we're going to my cousins graduation party (ugh...). Yeah, it's one of the cousins that thinks he's 'too cool' *rolls eyes* to associate with his own little cousin... when in fact he is very far from cool. XDD But my friend that I only get to see when I go to Orlando is going to be there! That's the only reason I'm going.. :DD 

 Well I gotta get ready to shop!! :DD TTYL!! :DDD
 Love <3333,


  1. Have fun!!!!!!

    I love going to see movies with lots of friends! :D

  2. Have fun!!!!

    Team Obi-Wan seems so nice! ;) I can't wait for her to start posting more! ;)

  3. Jack Sparrow = Completely and totally awesome! ;P

    -Ley <3

  4. I'm so happy Team Obi-Wan got to join us at TLH!!! She's such a nice person! :)

    LOL I love Captain Jack.

    I know how you feel about your cousin's graduation party. I have an older cousin who is the EXACT same way and I had to go to his graduation party last year :P The worst part is that my brother thinks my cousin is just so wonderful and is always following him around and trying to be like him.


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