Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bracelets and the Beach!

Hey guys!! I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging frequently. Summer has got me super busy! :D

Okay so I went to this website called and made a super cool wristband!
 It has my first and last name on the front and my screen name on the back! 

 You can barely see it because of the lighting, but I LOVE it! It looks SOO cool!! :D

Ok, so on Tuesday, I will be at the beach! *cabbage patches* I will be there for three days and will be coming back on Friday!! I will be sure to blog about it. And I will take my laptop with me! I'm praying for Wi-Fi! LOL XDD

Well bye for now!! :D




  1. I'm incredibly jealous of your bracelet!!!!!! :P

    I'll be looking for posts!!!! :D


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