Sunday, August 21, 2011

High School!

Hey everyone!! :D My first three days of high school have been absolutely amazing!! 

I like all my teachers!! They are all pretty cool!! My literature teacher is probably the coolest because he's like young (25) and he doesn't enforce the dress code and we read a lot of cool stories and he explains the parts to us if we are confused on what's happening.

Chapel Band has been pretty good so far! I'm learning how to play some really cool new Christian songs!! *is excited*

I have been having some laptop issues though. :( The first day I brought it home. The battery messed up and it had to be plugged in. If you took it off the charger for just a second, it would die. But I got a new battery. But it still is messing up! I need laptop help!!! LOL

So school has been fun. Yeah... It's great to see my friends again! They haven't changed. XD LOL

Well I gtg! TTYL!! 
LOOOOVEEE,    <3333333


  1. i'm happy that u like high school. keep your grades up though :)

  2. Oh definitely!! I'm a straight A student and I plan to keep it that way through high school! :D
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)

  3. Sound so awesome!!!!! :) Have fun girlie! ;)

  4. Have fun!!!! Have a great year!

    -Ley <3

  5. Have fun in high school!!! I'll be praying for you! :)

    Be sure to keep us updated! ;)


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