Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New hair and broken bed...

Hey everyone! So yesterday was... interesting. XDD 

First I got a haircut!! EEEE!! I like it!! It's a lot shorter and I LOOOOVE! it!! <3333
  And secondly, I broke my parent's bed. XD Yeah seriously broke it!! My sister, my friend, and I all decided to be smart and jump on the same side of  my parents' bed at the same time. *shakes head in disapproval* So it broke. 
See how it's tilted on the left. Yeah, that's where we jumped.

A little bit better view of the broken bed

See? The boards fell down underneath!

My dad the handyman!! :DD

It's all fixed!! See my dog? He was scared so he hid under the bed. XD
      Yeah so that is what happens in a day of Rachel. Wow.. that's a pretty strange day.. Yeah I know! XDD
Well TTYL!!

LOOOOVE, <3333333


  1. I love your knew hair cut! It is SO cute!

    YIKES! Breaking the parents bed is scary! I once broke my mother's eighteenth century writing desk and let me tell you, sparks flew that day!

    I'm glad your dad was able to fix the bed! :D

  2. u look so pretty in your new haircut. love it.

  3. Thanks so much!! :D
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)

  4. Love your new hair!
    That's kind of a funny story XD. I used to be scared that when jumping on the bed it would fall through to the bottom floor XD.

  5. Your hair looks very cute!!!!! :D I love it! ;)

    LOL!!! Nice job Rachel, nice job. XDDD At least your dad is fixing it! :)

  6. Your hair is super cute! I like it! :D


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