Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Wow. I can't believe it's already Easter!! It seems like yesterday it was Christmas! This year truly has been flying by!!
Today is the day Jesus rose from the dead. Three days ago (20,000 years ago) he was crucified on the cross. His blood shed for us! His blood cleanses us, not stains, because He is pure and holy and His blood paid the price of our life in heaven. We don't celebrate this season because of bunnies, chocolate, or plastic eggs. We celebrate it because OUR Lord is risen!!! AMAZING!!
Ok, so this morning when my little sister and I woke up and our Easter baskets are usually on our dining room table, but this time my mom hid them because we stayed up late to catch the end of Lemonade Mouth XD and my mom didn't really like that! So she made us find them this morning! I
suck at finding things so it took me a while, but I finally found it! SCORE! XD I got some nice pearl earrings and CANDY! Woohooo! What person doesn't love their candy? LOL XD \
Then we went to church! I convinced my dad to come! I was SOOO happy! He's Jewish so he doesn't believe Jesus is the Messiah. So for him to come really made me happy. It looked like he enjoyed it too! :D Yay!
After church my family went to this party with my friends! It was fun!! Well I gotta go about to watch Tangled!!! Eeep!! :D


  1. Yay for Tangled and Lemonade Mouth!!!! :D LOL!

    That's so true!!!! And I'm very glad that your dad went with y'all to church! That's great!!!! :D And very pretty earrings!!! :)

    Jedi~Chick <333

  2. Thanks!! :D Lemonade Mouth WAS fantastic!!! GREAT movie!!
    My eyes are all teary right now because I'm emotional cuz I just watched Tangled!! LOVE that movie (if I haven't said that 50 million times already LOL XD)!!
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)


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