Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today has been a pretty exhausting day! Another boring day of school.. ugh.
After school I had to stay till 8:00 PM for a dress rehearsal for my play.
The dress rehearsal with an invited audience went ok, but there were a lot of mistakes. Some made by me. Opening night's tomorrow (OMG!)! The sad thing is, I'm starting to lose my voice. Great... My cold in coming back and it's hard to talk loudly on stage because of my voice. I pray that it gets better before tomorrow!
After the rehearsal, I just felt so exhausted and sick that I cried. :'( I couldn't help it. Our costumes are SUPER hot. And living in Florida, well that doesn't really help the situation. :/
Please pray for our cast! Tomorrow is a big day for us, and we don't want to let the audience down! One of the other main characters is a little sick, too. So PLEASE pray!
I will post about the show tomorrow! I hope it's good!! :D Thanks!!
-Rachel (Queen Karina)


  1. AHHH!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be praying for you!!!!!!!! :) Ugh, I SOOOO can relate to the costumes situation. :P My tap costume is like wearing a plastic bag. That traps sweat. With sequins. xDDDDDDD Anyway, have TONS of fun!!!!! Feel better!!!!!!! :D

  2. Thanks!! :D I mean I like my costumes! They make me look like a cute 10 year old girl!! LOL XD but they trap the heat! ;P
    Thankfully my voice is getting a little better! I stayed home from school for a little bit just to make sure I could be as well as possible! So I'm heading of to school in amd hoir or so. I'm so nervous about the play tonight!! EEE!!
    Thanks for praying! Thanks for veing a good friend! Love you!! :D
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)

  3. Good luck!!!!!!! I'll be praying!

    Also, I can't get your button to post on my blog :(

  4. Satine, you have to save the pic to your pictures cause I don't know how to add the URL!
    Hope this helps!
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)


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