Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mermaids in St. Louis

Ok, so before my next performance (which is in two hours! EEE!), I'm going to post pictures I drew of two of the characters in my mermaid story.
First there's Marina:

Then there's her little half sister Aquamarine:

So those are the character's I have drawn for now! Hopefully, there will be more!! :D XD
Ok, so yesterday I had another performance of Meet Me in St. Louis! It went AMAZINGLY GREAT!!! Better than the night before!!! :D No technical difficulties. No line mess ups! Perfect. It all went perfect!! :D Yay!! Haha!
Well I got to go get ready for my next performance! Talk to y'all later! :D
-Rachel (Queen Karina)

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  1. AWWW!!!!!!!! They're adorable!!!! I love em! :) Nice job!


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