Friday, April 29, 2011

My Mermaid Story Part 2

So I was writing then next part of my mermaid story in the perspective of Nate. Now he doesn't sound important to the story right now, but TRUST me he is!!:D LOL
Chapter 2~ Nate
The waves crashed upon the shore. With the paintbrush in his hand, Nate splashed color onto his anvas. The blues and golds complimented the painting. His intricate detail in his artwork really began to show. An hour later, a beautiful scene of the ocean was on the canvas.
Nate was an artist. He had good skill in his artwork. He’s pretty good even at the young age of nineteen. He also surfed a little bit. He had won a few surfing contests. He’s a handsome young man with a heart of gold.
A blonde girl wearing way too much makeup and an extremely tiny bikini came up behind him. Cara. Caroline Saunders. Nate’s ex-girlfriend. She was the snobbiest girl Nate has ever dated. She was a perfectionist and ALWAYS had to have her way! She was a very popular girl in high school. And now that she was in college, still popular.
Nate broke up with her a few weeks ago because he had found out that she was cheating on him. That girl was never right for him anyways. At least that’s what his mother always told him. He had found out that his mother was always right. Well, not his real mother. His step-mother. His real mother died ten years ago in a car crash. Soon Melody came along and married his father. Melody was the sweetest woman that Nate had ever met. She always had treated him like a real son.
“Nate”, Cara said as if they were still dating.
“Cara, what are you doing here?” Nate said angrily.
“I was just dropping by. Looks like you’re doing your little artwork again.”
“I have always done art. It’s my passion.”
“I thought I was your passion”, Cara said moving closer to Nate.
Just then, Cara kissed Nate on the lips. She tried to make out with him, but Nate quickly backed away.
“CARA!! It’s OVER!! It’s been over!!” Nate said, furious.
“Nate, I still have feelings for you!”
“Maybe you should of thought about that before you made out with David!”
“Nate, that was a mistake! Dave and I are just… friends”
“I’m sure you make out with all your friends! Now just go. I’m busy!”
“Go, just GO!”
Cara just took her purse and walked away. Nate, then, packed up his canvas, easel, and paints. He took off his shirt, grabbed his surfboard and hit the waves. Whenever he surfed it felt as though he was flying. Cutting through the waves that aimed to knock him down.
Whenever he surfed, he had not a care in the world. No Cara. No troubles. Nothing but himself and the clear blue ocean. He found himself at peace.
After riding up to the shore after surfing, he decided to go home. He gently set his surfboard in the back of his jeep, along with his painting equipment, and drove home. As he enters his apartment, he props up his surfboard against the wall.
His mind was racing. Cara wasn’t letting him go. He needed someone right for him. Someone beautiful, kind, and not the average girl. Nate wondered if this girl even existed. He had to find her, somehow.

So-- how did ya'll like it? Please give me comments and suggestions for it!! :D
-Rachel (Queen Karina)


  1. That was fantastic!!!! Love it!

    Cara really seems like a snob, I don't blame Nate for breaking up with her.

  2. Thanks Satine!!! And Cara is a snob! Nate regrets ever dating her!! XD
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)


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