Friday, April 22, 2011

Quails and Glares

Later today I was feeling a little bit better, my sister and I went over to my friends house to see their new born baby quails! They were born yesterday!!

They are SOOO adorable as you see in this picture my sister took! We got to hold them! They are just little balls of energy! LOL XD
I finished my Ahsoka Tano Glare Colored! Yesss!

It took me a while to do that, but I think the work payed off! What do you think? Any comments?


  1. I love the pic!!!!! It's awesome! :D Post it on Lakehouse! (you may have already, I haven't checked TLF today. xD)

    AWW!!!!! Those little quails are like my chikies!!!!! :D I <3 little chickens! And quails. :) Adorable!!!!

  2. Thanks! I have posted it on TLH! LOL XD And they offered us a quail for $3.50! I want one, but I think my golden retriever would eat em! :(
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)


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