Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday!

Since I didn't really get to blog about yesterday because I had posted my mermaid story (scroll down to seen it of you haven't already!) Ok, so yesterday...
I had school- fun.. XD We had costuming for after school for all of the characters! I LOVE my costume! It's a short-sleeved knee length blue calico dress with this big light blue bow in the back!The time period for the play is 1904, so my costume really fits the time period! All the other girls have long sleeved shirts and long skirt! They are gonna burn up backstage!! XD
After costuming I went to my guitar lesson at my modeling center! I do a little modeling.. LOL XD Then we went to this nice resteraunt and had the best tilapia ever!!!
Ok, meat-eaters don't hate me, but I few days ago I decided I wanted to be a Vegetarian. I wrote this persuasive paper for English class about hunting and how I wasn't for it, and it made me think about animals.I'm a huge animal lover, and always have been. Plus, meat just started to taste gross to me! Yeah.. so that's a big decision for me.
During dinner I started to feel really bad. My throat was really bad. But, when I got home. I started to feel really sick. I could barely move! :(
I got my tablet in the mail today, but I couldn't really use it because I was so sick. But, today I started to work on something. Coloring my Ahsoka Tano Glare. I'm not done yet, but here is what I have so far! My WIP!

So that's what I have so far! When I'm done I'm going to post it on my deviantART account! I'm saberhnuter2014 if you didn't know. Here's the URL:
Yeah so today I feel a little better, but I have a low-grade fever of 99.9 degrees! :( So I need prayers to get well! I have a play next week and I NEED to be well! Thanks!
So today is Good Friday. The day Jesus, our Lord and Savior, died for us! We must give him thanks! He suffered on that cross to save us. That's a pretty big sacrifice! Three days later, He rose from the dead! AMAZING!
Ok so that's my blog for today!

- Rachel (Queen Karina)


  1. aww!! feel better!!!!!!!! :D I love the picture! It looks great!

    Nice post! Happy Easter!!! :) And happy Good Friday too! :D

  2. Thanks Jedi~Chick! I'm eating some soup right now and it's making me feel a lot better!
    And thanks about the picture! I'm almost done with it! Just a few more touch-ups and I'm done!!Woohoo!
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)


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