Monday, May 2, 2011

Pascal and the Mall!

So today was pretty fun! Even though I have a SUPER bad cold, my friend invited me to go with her to a mall that was about 45 min away from where I live (I'm not telling you the city for safety reasons). It's MUCH nicer than our mall. Our mall stinks. It has a few good stores, but that's it. Now this mall, it was cool and big, and had lots of nice stores!! Haha! XD
I got so many cute things, cute clothes, nail polish, earrings (you probably think I'm kinda preppy right now... but trust me I'm NOT) and best of all-- CANDY! LOL XD
I have found that the best clothing store EVER is Forever 21!! I am OBSESSED with that store! WE don't have it in the mall where I live, so every time I go to this mall, I always head to Forever 21 first!! LOL XD
After the mall my friend's brother wanted to stop by a reptile pet store just to look around. I am a huge snake lover and reptile lover so that was pretty cool to look around! We watched this guy feed this HUGE turtle a little mouse!! It was SOOO cool, but I feel bad for the mouse now.. LOL! The best part of the pet store was seeing CHAMELEONS!! Yep, chameleons! I automatically thought of Tangled. I took a picture of this chameleon that I named Pascal!

So that's Pascal! XD I wish I could've taken him home with me!! He was SOOO cute!! :P
Well I need some rest, I have school tomorrow.. plus I need to get over my cold!
Talk to y'all later!! :D
-Rachel (Queen Karina)


  1. Feel Better! :)
    That mall sounds cool!!! I wish my mall had nicer stores. :P All the good stores went out of business. xD I wish I could shop at Forever 21!!! I might next time we go to the big mall near the BAC. ;P
    AWWW!!! Pascal is So cute!!!!!!! :D Great post!

  2. Thanks!! :D
    I'm just getting over my little coughing attack I'm having right now, but otherwise I'm feeling much better!! :D
    For my birthday, which is in 299 days (I have a countdown), I'm asking for a chameleon!! LOL XD
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)

  3. I hope you get to feeling better!

    We don't even have a real mall, but we have a ton of those strip mall things. Sounds like a lot of fun! Pascal is adorable!!!


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