Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth Be With You!!

Happy National Star Wars Day everyone! It's May the Fourth!! So, May the Fourth be with you!! LOL XD
So what did I do for National Star Wars Day? Good question!
Well, I didn't know it was National Star Wars Day until I found out in 2nd period English class. This says randomly in the beginning of class, "Hey Ms. Noname (not really her name-- safety reasons)did you know that today is National Star Wars Day? They said it on the radio!"
I know that he said it to get the attention, but I had NO clue! I felt stupid... Of all people I should know it's NSWD (that's what I'm calling it from now on, takes too long to type out! LOL)!! Oh well...
Ok so on to what I did after I found out:
It wouldn't have mattered what I wore because my school makes all dress the same. Yep, in 3 different color polos (THREE?! No way...) and just regular jeans cause Wednesday is jean day for our school. So I would have worn a Her Universe shirt if I had known and went to a public school.
So right when I got home I put on my ESB hoodie from HU. I had guitar lessons later so I could wear it out in public and show my Star Wars pride! :D Yeah!

Yeah, so that's what I wore of NSWD! Like?

I told my dad it was NSWD. And he was like, "Really, cool." He didn't seem very excited, considering he's a SW fan. But not a SUPER fan like me! Oh well. Dads. What are you going to do with them? LOL XD
I haven't watched anything SW yet (bummer)! I'm hoping I can secretly watch TPM or AOTC! My parents don't want me up so late cause I have a test tomorrow! It's NSWD! It calls for watching SW! I hope I get to watch it! EEE! This brings me back to my first days of fandom.
It was February 27, 2009. My birthday. My friend and I are riding in the car on the way to a museum for a field trip. We are the only kids in the car. I'm feeling really really sick (yeah, on my birthday), but I couldn't pass up a field trip! So my friend has her iPod nano with her. We're both really bored so she says, "You want to watch an episode of Star Wars: the Clone Wars with me?" She had Ambush on her iPod. I agreed to watch it with her. I love it and fall in LOVE with SW. The End! LOL XD It's not the end! It's just the beginning! Haha! Well, I'm going to try to watch my SW movie now. I hope I can!
-Rachel (Queen Karina)


  1. Love your outfit!!! LOL! :) Cute picture!
    Happy Star Wars Day!!!! I'm going to sneak watch ESB or something. ;) My mom would kill me if she found out though......xD LOL! jk. :P

    Have a great rest of the day/week!!! :D

  2. Haha! I just watched AOTC!! it's kinda late though! I'm surprised my mom wasn't too mad. She kept telling me to go to bed though. But not like she was going to kill me if I didn't!!
    -Rachel (Queen Karina)

  3. Happy Star Wars day!!! Cute outfit! I'm still really jealous of your hat XD

  4. Happy (late) Star wars Day!! :D

    -Ley <3


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