Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nice day today! :D

Hey guys! So how's everyone been? Me? I'm GREAT! Never better! It has been an incredible day today! :D

First off, I had a friend I hadn't seen in a long time come over! We had SO much fun playing volleyball and watching Without a Trace, my favorite crime show!! :D Have y'all ever had one of those friends that have been friends with you since like birth? Well, that's the kinda friend I had over. She's so sweet and funny! We watched nigahiga videos all night long. We're the kinda friends who are so crazy around each other, since we've known each other so long! LOL XD
When she went home, I got my hair done at a salon for our 8th grade dance! I got it all curled up, since my hair is like stick-straight. I wore my Easter dress and my white sandals to the dance. It was SOOO much fun!!
So first off,all my good friends were there! Then, we had some really good dinner-- salad and breadsticks-- yum!! :) Then the teachers handed out these little Oscar things to all the 8th graders since we're graduating!

That was pretty cool! Then, we thanked all the people who helped decorate and set-up the dance, then it was off to the dance floor!! :D
We all had a good time dancing!! I liked it when they played the slow songs... Hehehehe!
I got to dance with my crush who's in 7th grade!!! LOL... He's so cute and sweet!! I also got to dance with this other 8th grade guy. But, I had like butterflies in my stomach when my crush asked me to dance!! I was like "YESSS"! LOL XD I wanted to ask him to dance with me before that, but I chickened out and got nervous!
You girls probably think I'm boy-crazy. But trust me I'm NOT! But when you see this cute little boy it's hard not to like him!! LOL XD
So overall, the dance was AMAZING! I'm sad I'm leaving middle school! Next year I'm going to be in high school! Oh my word!! AHH! I feel like I'm growing up too fast!! AHH!
As Taylor Swift says in one of her songs, "Never Grow Up"!!

Well, I will talk to y'all later!!! :D
-Rachel (Queen Karina)


  1. Ai, yi, yi. I can relate!!! I'll be going into high school next year too, and I feel like 8th grade just FLEW BY!!!! Now I don't want to grow up. ;P Sounds like a great night Karina! And your friend sounds like my cousin. We've been best friends since before birth (long story) and she and I know just about EVERYTHING about each other and are totally insane when we get together. ;)
    Great post! ;) Good luck with the last few days of 8th grade. ;) LOL!

  2. I know how you feel. I'm in 8th grade too, and I'm kind of scared to leave middle school and move on to high school. I'm also a little excited, though. Sounds like you had fun! Congratulations on dancing with your crush!

    God bless and may the force be with you!

    <3 Dutchess Satine Kenobi


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