Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SheiKra, Volleyball, and Narnia! Oh my!!

Man, I haven't blogged in a WHILE!!

I have been SUPER busy!!! With last weekend being hectic (FUN, but hectic)and final exams coming up. I haven't found time to blog... :( But, I wanna tell y'all about what an exciting weekend I had!! :D

So on Friday, our WHOLE 8th grad class took a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa for 8th Grade Grad Nite! The park was only open for 8th graders who had signed up to go!!! It was SOOO fun!! It was open from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM!!!
When we first got there we went over rules (rules.. fun.. *sarcasm*)and then it was off to the rides!! First we went to Montu which is this big roller coaster where your feet hang and it does all these loops and corkscrews! One word - AWESOME!!

That was the BEST ride in the whole park! Later we came back and rode it front row.. IN THE DARK!! How cool!

Next we went to ride a few little rides and some water rides before we went on Kumba. We went on this LONG log ride with some of these REALLY annoying kids cussing, shouting, and yelling (notice I didn't say singing) their obnoxious songs. And that ride was really long and they gave me and friend a headache... ohhh... LOL XD
We finally got on Kumba, which I must say is a PRETTY intense roller coaster!!! The first time we rode it, it was SUPER fun. Then the next time I rode it... not so fun. I sat in the front row (BIG MISTAKE)and on the first loop, we were going so fast that I almost blacked out! I couldn't see for a second! It was SCARY! But later we rode it again and if I don't sit in the front row, then I'm fine.

Then after that onto SheiKra. I was SOOO nervous to do SheiKra because I mean it's a 90 degree angle drop. I haven't EVER done that before. I didn't do front row like most of my friends did. It was me and one of my friends in the second row! But the ride turned out to be fun and WAY too short a ride for my liking. It ended up being nothing as what is was dramatized to be!

Then after that we ate some dinner and half of our group left us when three of my friends and I went to use the restroom, so we decided to do our own thing and ride our own rides. We went on Gwazi, which a SUPER fun wooden roller coaster!! It was so much fun, and the line was SUPER short so we went 3 times in a row!! :D

After that we repeated a few of the rides and then a few hours later it was time to go home. We left at about 11:30 PM and got home around 2:00 AM. It was a long night... but it was SUPER fun!!! And we all got a free ticket to come back in June, so we're going there early June! Yes! :D

The next morning, I had to wake up early (Grrrr...) to head to my sister's volleyball tournament in Orlando. My dad and I got there in time to watch my sister play one game and then I was off to the hotel to take a nap! I was DEAD TIRED from not getting much sleep after Grad Nite. So, I took a nice long nap! Then later in the afternoon, one of my good friends who I never see came over (who lives in Orlando) to spend the night in the hotel with me. It was SO much fun! It's always so nice to see friends you haven't seen in a long time! :D
Then on Sunday we left to go home.

Ohhh! And over that weekend, I discovered Narnia!! The book series, I mean. Not the actual place! LOL XDD I have read the Magician's Nephew, and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe so far. I'm on the Horse and His Boy right now. And let me just say, I am IN LOVE with this series! <3 I really like the Christian representation on these books! It makes me glad that C.S. Lewis wrote books on this subject, since Christianity seems to be slowly slipping away nowadays.

Well I gotta study for exams... ugh...

Talk to y'all later!! ;)
-Rachel (Queen Karina)

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