Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Fandom!!

Ok since I missed the anniversary of my fandom, I'm going to tell the story of how I became a SW fan now....

*flashback* *wooshy noises occur*

It's February 27th, 2009. My 12th birthday. I wake up and I feel SUPER sick. I mean like SUPER sick. My mom said she would let me stay home from school, but it was the day of our first and only field trip to the museum. So I force myself to feel better and I head off to school.
I got to a private school so we don't take buses on field trips. The parents have to drive. So I had a newly made friend named Ashley. Her mom was driving me and Ashley to the museum.
On the way up I was bored so my friend offered to show me a episode of this new series called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" on her iPod. I wasn't sure. But, I told her if I watched that then she would have to watch Madagascar with me. At that time I was obsessed with the movie Madagascar! LOL XD So she showed me The Clone Wars. "Ambush" to be exact. The moment I laid eyes on it I was in LOVE! It was the most interesting thing I had ever seen!
I didn't even make Ashley watch Madagascar! Then we watched "Rookies". Then I became more excited about it!! I started to watch the Clone Wars at home and I was hypnotized by it. I had found my niche!
Then I asked my dad if he had any of the Star Wars movies. He had The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. I immediately popped TPM into the DVD player. The moment I laid eyes in little Ani I was hooked. He was SOOO cute! And he could podrace! Total package! ;)
Then after I put in AOTC, which is currently my favorite SW movie, I knew that SW would be in my life forever.
Soon my dad got ROTS and I watched it. Then my dad found the original trilogy. It was so interesting!! George Lucas really has a creative mind!!
So that's how I found Star Wars.

*MORE wooshy noises*

It's May 22nd 2010. Me and Ashley, and my other friend Alex are all SUPER excited while heading down to Star Wars Weekends!! And let me tell you: BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!
When we saw the SW parade, right when me and my friend Alex saw Ashley Eckstein, we shouted, "We love you Ashley Eckstein!" And she looked over to us and you could faintly hear say thank you. That was my first contact with Ashley Eckstein! It was SOOO cool!
Later me and my friends waited in line for an hour (dedicated fans) for the "Behind the Force" show hosted by Ashley Eckstein. When we finally got in, we got FRONT ROW SEATS!! Yeah! :D
Then comes the part of the show when Ashley and Dee Bradley Baker (he was the guest with her) pick 3 people from the crowd to "try out" to be an honorary cast member of TCW. The first they pick was me. AHHHH!! That was the coolest thing ever! They asked me to try out for Queen Karina, the Geonoscian queen. So Dee hands me the mic and I had to scream as Queen Karina into it and they kinda added a little bit of sound effects to my voice.
That's me trying out!!

And that's just a nice pic of me and Ashley!

Then the "auditioned" two other people and then they choose the actual honorary cast member and they chose me!! *fangirl scream*
So, I got to perform ON STAGE beside Ashley and Dee as Queen Karina, screaming and also saying, "I no submit to you".

Me on stage with Ashley and Dee performing as Queen Karina!

After I performed they gave me a Rex action figure signed by Dee!!

Later that same day, actually about thirty minutes later, we see Ashley walking down the streets of Hollywood Studios. We all run to catch up with her. We finally do, and I thank her for letting me perform on stage. Then, she gave us all stickers for Her Universe. As you can see above I put it on the action figure box! :)

So that was Star Wars Weekends!

*MOAR wooshy noises*

It's June and I join the Her Universe webiste and comment on the blogs. I see some poeple and chat with them through comments! Soon HU created their forum. I immediately joined!I was so excited to finally be on a forum! But soon my excitement dimmed. Some of the older ladies were posting some not nice things and targeting Christians. Also there was a problem with spam and there was some not-so-nice pictures posted and unfortunately I saw them... *pukes*
Then on Wednesday December 29th, Jedi~Chick sent me a PM that there was a new forum called the Lakehouse that was for Christian SW fans! I was thrilled!! I joined immediately and I'm so happy I did!!! I met wonderful members such as Jedi~Chick, allishmalli, Amaranthine, Leia, Rachel, Rex'sgirl, JediKnightGrl, Futurejedigirl0202, Atina, Gabby and many more!!
Thanks girls for making being a SW fan enjoyable!!
I love y'all!! :D <3


  1. Aww!! How sweeet!!!! Great story! :) That is SO cool that you got to be the honorary cast member! Awesome! :D I got my friend into Star Wars similar to the way your friend got you into it. ;)
    That is so awesome that you got chosen at Star Wars Weekends. Just awesome! :D I hope to go to the Behind The Force show this year!! :D

    Love you!

  2. Great post!!! =D I'm jealous. You got to perform with them on stage??????? YOU ARE SO LUCKY! ;P

    I think next SWW I will probably get to go. There's a big chance, so maybe we all can meet up then. =)

    -Ley <3

  3. That's such a great story!

  4. I love your Star Wars story! It's so neat! That is SO cool that you got to meet Ashley and Dee! *is jealous* :D

    Love you!

    <3 Dutchess Satine Kenobi


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